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Zero Xeno

Ecommerce and Education

A site that combines easy selling functions with strong education components for a more conscious consumer.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Drupal Integration
  • Ecommerce


Organically Clean came to Acro Media to design and develop an ecommerce website that would do more than just sell, but also educate consumers about their new natural product line Zero Xeno. Zero Xeno is a line of natural products including cleaning supplies, baby products, beauty creams, herbal remedies, pet supplies and more that are all Xenoestrogen free.

While people may not be aware of the harmful effects of Xenoestrogen the consumer market is moving towards a more educated group of people that care deeply about themselves, their children, and their environment. It was important for Zeno Xeno to not just sell to those that are already aware but people that are looking to make an educated, conscious decision.


Acro Media developed an ecommerce site that utilizes the Drupal CMS and Drupal Commerce integration. Basic ecommerce functionality including payment gateway integration, coupon/affiliate codes, and shipping calculations were built into the site for a smooth checkout process.

The Drupal CMS and Drupal Commerce backend allows for easy usability, this way Zero Xeno can easily update their products, blog, and news features at anytime.

The website features strong educational elements such as videos, blogroll, FAQ, testimonials, and a learning centre page that is easy to navigate to and houses a wealth of information for users.


With the help of Acro Media Organically Clean was able to launch their Zero Xeno product line throughout North America with a website that combined seamless ecommerce functionality with an education focused design.

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