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Our Contribution

We have been working with Drupal since version 4 (about 10 years) and it’s sad to say contributing back to the community wasn’t a main focus of ours until about 2 years ago. So we have been working tirelessly to right our wrong and make significant drupal module contributions to the community. 

In addition to developing and maintaining drupal modules we have played active roles in the UX updates for both Drupal 8 Core and Drupal Commerce 2.x

Commerce Fulfillment Created to ease the process of order fulfillment using the Drupal Commerce module. Allows admin to create packages and shipments, customize packing slips and shipping labels, all from within the Drupal admin section. Has an attractive, easy to use UI. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce Amazon MWS This is a Drupal Commerce module and integrates with the Amazon MWS API's, currently supporting Feeds, Reports and Products, with the ability to sync local quantities to and from Amazon, upload/delete products and relationships, view simple reports and stock adjustments. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce Wishlist This module provides a Wishlist to use with Drupal Commerce. Provides an “Add to Wishlist” button on the display product node. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce Quicklook Commerce QuickLook adds a themeable link to products that allows for a more detailed display of the product when browsing. View on Drupal.org >
Facebook Album Facebook Album provides a simple block to display public Facebook Page Albums in a gallery and optionally in a Colorbox popup. This module is being used on over 200 websites. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce XLS Import A Drupal commerce module that allows the import of Commerce Products from an XLS file. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce Payment Methods Field A simple field that displays available payment options based on the current user's order. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce QuickBooks Online UI An admin-configurable UI that allows site maintainers to set up when, how and what kind of data gets sent to their QuickBooks Online account. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce PSIGate Integrates the PSiGate Real-time XML API with Drupal Commerce for on-site payments. View on Drupal.org >
Content Manual Review A module to allow very quick reviews on content pages to make sure everything looks right. Look over it quickly, give a simple yes/no and on to the next page! View on Drupal.org >
Form Confront Form confront will allow a view to be mapped to a webform. So if a user visits that view for the first time, they will be confronted with the webform first. View on Drupal.org >
Form API Keybinds Form Keybinds allows module developers to bind keypress events to form API elements in custom forms. View on Drupal.org >
Facet API Active Tags Provides blocks for active Facet API facets that act as "tags" that visitors can click on to remove that filter. View on Drupal.org >
Ubercart Volume Pricing Ubercart Volume (AKA Bulk) Pricing allows you to define discounts on buying a product in mass quantities directly from the product edit itself. View on Drupal.org >
Commerce Order Sub-total The idea behind the module is to provide useful sub-totaling of Orders using the Rules framework. This module exposes three different ways to retrieve a sub-total of an order; Rule Condition, Rule Action, Commerce Discount Condition. View on Drupal.org >
Rules String Length Provides an action that returns an integer when given a string. Also, not a bad module to view how to create your own custom action. Implements one hook function and one internal action function. View on Drupal.org >
Lead Triage This module gives administrators an interface to create and assign leads to sales representatives. View on Drupal.org >
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